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Hytera Two Way Radio Basic Tips

By Dennis Sullivan

Two way radios both receive and transmit signals that allows operators to have a conversation with each other in the same frequency. They operate usually by either letting you listen or talk but not simultaneously though and a button have to be pressed before you could talk. This is known as half duplex mode while the full duplex mode would allow talking and listening simultaneously.

Most business establishments are using half duplex radios due to their durability and longer battery life usually lasting for twelve hours. You might buy Hytera two way radio devices for your employees to use with each other during working hours. Here are some essential guides in using these devices to communicate with others.

Be prepared on what you are going to say because when you pressed the button, no one else can be heard except you. They cannot interrupt you during this time so you have to say your message immediately so that others can talk as well. Pressing it for a long time without speaking will block a possible emergency communication from transmitting and drains your battery faster.

Identify yourself first then the person intended to receive the message immediately when a transmission has been initiated. This is done in getting the attention of its recipients first among the many users sharing the same channel. They will acknowledge then that you have their attention so you can start talking regarding your message.

Be patient and wait for the other person to respond because they might be doing something before you send your call again. Pause before speaking after pressing the button because of possible short delays when transmitting. The first few words may be cut off so waiting for a second to speak will ensure that others receive the whole message.

Keep your transmission short, concise and clear so it can be acknowledged immediately or a request for clarification will be sent before continuing your point. The recipient usually repeats your words back to let you know that you are heard and understood. Otherwise, you would be requested to repeat what you have said.

Manners are very critical during personal communication but this may be dropped when using radios so precious time will not be taken. Saying thanks at times is allowed but too much politeness is unnecessary when using this device. Use some code terms which is understandable by every radio users and it helps to shorten your intended message.

Conversations are not private always and other people might be able to listen on the things being talked about. They are probably connected also to the frequency you currently are in so discussing private maters is not recommended. Code terms can instead be used to add security special those codes specific to your company operations only.

Do not forget to always charge the battery of your device properly so they can be used when needed. Assign someone who would be responsible for charging all devices after the day ends so that they are ready the next day. Or it can be the responsibility of the individuals using them.

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