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The Book Bag Project Basic Information

By Andrew Jones

Education is very important for people in improving their lives or achieving their goals such as getting a good source of income. Educational tools are necessary for these to happen specially when they attend schools to get educated. Some areas have impoverished citizens that have a hard time providing their kids some school materials that they needed.

Several organizations and companies donate to selected recipient schools these materials for helping the students there. This is called as the book bag project where bags containing school supplies and books are given to them. Doing this makes carrying all of those they received easier and more convenient because they could place it somewhere reusable as well.

These bags usually contain supplies such as pencils, notebooks, rulers, paper, glue, scissors, crayons, erasers and colored pencils. If you want to help then you can find an organization near you to donate these things or finances for buying them. Or you can make one yourself with volunteers from your local community.

Start by inviting friends and relatives into joining you in this project you would be making and become volunteers for it. Continue to invite others including anyone else that you may know such as your neighbors and allow them to do the same. If there are enough people who volunteered for the organization then start getting things organized.

Develop your vision which is the inspiration and aspiration of what are those you want to achieve and create. Then develop your mission next which is the clear and concise description of the purpose your organization have. This must come with challenging, achievable, measurable and specific goals like donating school supplies.

A name should be thought of that describes the functions of the group best or based it on person who is the inspiration of creating this project in the first place. This will help to encourage others into donating for your cause. Your charity must be differentiated from similar others so it could still be noticed even among them.

Write your plan down so you would know the steps in achieving your goal of donating school supplies to students who need them. Start by identifying the school where you will give the donations you will be collecting from volunteers and other donors. Then list down what these donations would be and if you prefer it to be financial or in kind.

Register so operating as one nonprofit organization with exemption on taxes be allowed which would help your funds be maximized better. Have an accountant and lawyer help you in doing that had an experience in this process. They would be advising you about the correct steps in registering then operating so you would not be breaking government rules.

Create a website that helps in making people aware of your plans and where they could contact and send donations to you. Then you could start raising funds for your goals and partnering with established organizations, foundations and individuals would be helpful. Many meetings are expected before you can fully give out all the donations you collected from those who helped you.

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