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Why There Is A Need To Support Homless Veterans

By Frances Butler

It is easy to overlook the harsh lives of soldiers both when they are in the service and when they leave military. Many retired soldiers are living below the poverty line, and some of them are on the streets. It is vital to note that vets have seen many terrifying things that make it impossible for him or her to cope with the society. Here are reasons to support homless veterans.

Living rough is not the kind of the soldiers deserve after they retire. They ought to have a good life to enable them to forget the hard time they went through when in the service. However, this is not the case some of them survive without a roof over their heads, and this should be prevented by all means. Also, people ought to understand them and assist them whenever they need help.

Secondly, these people were willing to die so that citizens in their country can be safe. Regardless of the state where one comes from, they should be treated like important people in the society. Sadly, a soldier is only given the respect when they die, and this should not be the case. There is a need to appreciate their effort when they are alive and one way of doing this, is by helping those who have no homes.

Thirdly, you need to know that no person plans to be a criminal. However, when life becomes unbearable, a person will do all they can afford to earn a living. Vets expect that after they retire, of some unavoidable circumstances force them to retire, they will enjoy the ex-military benefits. When it turns out that they are desperate and no one cares they might become robbers. To avoid incidences like these, it is vital to support them when they need help.

Despite the fact that a desperate soldier might turn to a criminal, you need to know that soldiers do all they can to avoid getting into trouble with civilians. This is because they are trained to be disciplined, and they are known that they should use their skills to do constructive works. People, therefore, should not find it hard to accept them and live well with them when they are frustrated.

Many suffer severe injuries: the reason many soldiers are desperate is that they suffer gun wounds and other injuries that make it hard for them to work. Also, due to the terrible experiences some of them have had in the past, they suffer emotional problems, therefore, making it hard for them to make right decisions. It is therefore prudent that every citizen tries to help them so that they can live healthy lives.

They deserve to be supported: vets worked for the government, and they used to go for wars whenever the government sent them. The government, therefore, needs to make sure that every vet receives the pension and other retiree benefits that they deserve. Citizens also, need to lend a hand to make sure that vets have decent lives.

Finally, it is clear that every citizen has a duty to help these vets with not only material benefits but also support them recover from mental difficulties that some of them suffer. It is always good to be involved in any activity that results to support of veterans.

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