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Why Consider Having Lighting For Heliport

By Sharon Stewart

The heliport lighting system is a technology applied in most countries and is used to aid helicopters land safely on top of a building. Lighting for heliport should be designed in a way that not only meets the engineering design but also the standard regulations in aviation with regards to helicopter landings.

The complete set of systems includes perimeter lights, obstruction lights, floodlights, beacons and lighted wind cones. The most common being the LED lighting system that is designed for fast deployment in emergencies and provide guidance to designated landing areas for helicopters. Solar powered light systems are also available and are applied throughout the world which are known to be environment friendly.

While heliports have mainly been associated with mostly the air travel industry, it has also been extended to other important sectors such as the marine services. The health sector has also embraced this technology where it has helped to save the lives of many patients who may require emergency medical treatment. Patients may be airlifted from remote areas to various hospitals within a country.

When intending to adopt a system for heliports, it is important to approach a professional dealer who is licensed to erect and operate such systems. Potential clients should also engage in plenty of research in order to identify the leading certified manufacturers. This eliminates the risk of having to deal with quacks, who may not have the relevant expertise in this delicate field.

The advantages associated with these systems for heliports are quite numerous. With the adoption of this technology, clients have been able to meet up with their principals in relatively shorter periods of time, thus closing deals much faster. As earlier mentioned patients have been able to get the necessary medical attention which is a huge boost when trying to lower mortality rates in hospitals.

Various shortcomings also come along with the idea of having the systems in place. The costly nature of contracting a licensed dealer to erect a system can be a big hindrance for potential clients. High cost of sourcing for the high quality materials required in these kinds of projects also limits the number of potential clients who can successfully venture into this kind of a project.

Incase of failure during landing, the lights systems can result in fatal accidents as since the lights are used as a guide during landing they can result in the pilot being virtually blind in terms of where they are supposed to land resulting in a helicopter crash. In other word, they are indispensable and are depended on by pilots in landing and therefore efforts should be put into making them perfect.

This system is a must have for any business that wants to remain innovative and keep up with emerging trends and technology. Since the benefits far outweigh the setbacks, lighting for heliports will continue to be adopted in regions across the world. Advancement in technology has also aided greatly in the making of better and more efficient heliport systems.

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