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Some Of The Best Animated Movies

By Armando Rodriguez

There are several animated movies released over the years. As the technological progresses have occurred, which has made creating animations much easier there are more animated movies released nowadays.

However, the matter of the fact is the cartoons have also been a major part of the movie industry and are as big and popular on the big screens too. It is precisely, known as animated movies, which we have been watching for a very long time.

He then adopts three orphans to help him with the plan. This is when his life takes an unexpected turn and the three little girls start treating Gru as their father and Gru starts getting a soft corner for his daughters. There are different events that happen in the midst of father and daughter story. It is definitely a movie to look for.

There are several movies that were created by Disney, which got to fame such as the Steamboat Willie, starring Mickey Mouse. There are several other movies later produced by Disney which people liked a lot, such as the Toy Story series, even Cinderella, Jungle Book and Peter Pan and so on.

Monster University is another great movie that was released as a sequel of the movie Monster INC. Monster INC, was a movie about two friends Mike and Sulley who are the top scare scorer of the company and leading to become the best in the company. The story takes a turn when the top scarer Sulley and his friend itself get scared, when a little girl from the real world enter to their monster world, Monsterpolis. They get through several obstacles to get her back to the real world.

Finding Nemo, Nemo is a clown fish who gets abducted by divers and is taken to Sydney. Going after his son, a meek clown fish is out looking for his only son. While looking for his son he gets to meet Dory another fish who has amnesia, both them go through several obstacles looking for Nemo all the way to Australia, to bring him back home. They make lot of buzz around the ocean and make a lot of friends in their journey.

Finding Dory, it is another very great movie sequel that was released this year. You do remember Finding Nemo right, Marlin clown fish looking out for his child Nemo all around the world to Sydney, Australia. Dory is a Blue tangy fish that joins the trip as she is the only one who remembers the address of the whereabouts of Nemo.

He then meets with Linguini and he realises that he can control him using his hair. Both them move on to impress the Top most critic of France to serve him the best food, which is a variation of Ratatouille. The Rat moves on to become the best chef at Gusteau's, living up his only dream.

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