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How To Plan A Church Conference

By Frances Cooper

Events and churches go hand in hand. Every day, church families and congregants seek ways to enable them meet as a group. Therefore, whether it is an anniversary celebration, annual kids festival or a church picnic, having a template to guide you on how to plan a church conference is needed.

Understand the mission and the goal of the conference. Every event has a distinctive mode of planning different from that of the other. As an event planner, your objective should be to meet the written and non-written goal of the meeting. Understand the theme of the event, doing so will enable you to create a conducive environment for the entire activity.

Develop your budget and share it with the church management. The first step to any event planning is to understand the amount of money at your disposal. It helps you plan for your spending based on the available cash. As such, time value for money for money is realized as only the unavoidable costs and expenses ate incurred. When compiling your budget, compare all the allocated expenses and those that you think are unavoidable and share the same information with the management.

Develop or create a church marketing plan. The marketing plan should be dependent on the expected audience. If the expected audience is from the same congregation, you only need to print notices bad attach on the noticeboards. To reach to an external audience, you need to place advertisements on radio or in TVs. Ensure that correct information is disseminated to the right people way before the conference.

Develop a schedule of activities that detail the activity to be done, the time to do the activity and the person to do the same. Having a work plan makes supervision easier and also holds people accountable for the actions that they did or did not do. A work plan helps note any abnormal happening that arises and ensures that the solution for the same is timely.

Develop a budget of the specific type and quantity of food to be eaten. So, irrespective of the person sponsoring the entire meal, plan in advance the food to be eaten, the expected audience and the venue for the same. The meal that you choose should be in line with the conference mission and goal. Having a checklist of items to prepare not only makes your work easier but also ensures that guests have a really great food experience.

Be careful when placing the decoration. Ensure that the symbols, pictures and colors to be used are in line with the conference theme. Thus, to achieve this you need a creative team capable of dressing up the entire event. The way you decorate the place can turn a mediocre event to something worth memories.

Gather relevant materials that will guide you in the planning process. Some of these include the organizational chart with a detailed chain of command. Having a structured planning process streamlines operations and ensures everything is done in an orderly manner. Make the ideal choice.

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