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Paraguay Flag History

By Antonio Larson

Paraguay was one of the first countries in South America to achieve independence. Its history since the arrival of the Spaniards in 1537 evokes images of tremendous sacrifice and suffering amid lush surroundings.

From 1608 until their expulsion from the Spanish dominions in 1767, the Jesuits maintained an extensive establishment in the south and east of Paraguay. In 1811, Paraguay revolted against Spanish rule and became a nominal republic under two consuls.

The national flag of Paraguay was formally adopted in 1842. The flag consists of three horizontal bands of red, white, and blue from top to bottom, an emblem in the center.

On a circular band is the country's official name written in Spanish, Republic of Paraguay. The Treasury Seal on the reverse side shows a lion guarding the red Phrygian cap. Surmounting the seal is the Paraguayan national motto: 'Paz y Justica', which means 'Peace and JusticeĆ¢€™.

The coat of arms of Paraguay has a yellow star on a blue circle, framed by a palm branch and an olive branch, encircled by a red band with "Republica del Paraguay" across it. On the reverse, the seal of the treasury has a golden lion, a staff topped with the Phrygian cap, a symbol of liberty. A red banner curves above, reading "Paz Y Justicia," which means "peace and justice." The flag of Paraguay is very similar to the flag of the Netherlands, which features the same three horizontal bands, without a seal or emblem.

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