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High Risk Activity Spare Cell To Kids And Teens

By Jose Myers

Perhaps your teen is asking for a mobile phone for her birthday or you are considering of providing a phone to your teenager for security reasons. Although it is a good decision, but think about the unfavorable effects of cell phones on teens and young individuals. It is no secret that cellular devices are becoming a useful tool nowadays. In fact, they are a major part of the society as a whole.

It also makes the communication a lot easier with colleagues and relatives. But, no matter how beneficial this technology would be, it still comes with negative effects, especially on human health. The impact of a high risk activity spare cell on youth and society is quite enormous. For that reason, it requires a thorough attention when giving mobile phones to teens and kids. The effect of phone radiation is also a major concern around the world.

Actually, there are lots of effects of using mobile phones on young individuals. Teens are addicted to texting. However, excess messaging may cause pain in the neck, back, and hands due to improper posture. Additionally, it may lead to arthritis and impaired vision. On the other hand, having a phone may tempt your child to spend hours texting or talking, instead of doing physical activities.

Studies have shown that those who spend more time on their mobile phones are more prone to stress, anxiety, and fatigue. Also, it can cause serious psychological problems in some cases. Sleep disorders are one of the problems that young adults may experience. Since they usually keep their phones while sleeping, there is a possibility that they could no longer sleep properly.

Additionally, it causes sleep disruption and interruption. Teenagers may feel irritation when they lack sleep. The worst scenario is when young adults meet an accident because of responding to texts or calls while driving. Most of the time, they text and talk on the phone without thinking that it can cause accidents and even death.

More than that, it can also increase anxiety. As you can see, texting is one of the modes of communication that might increase the level of anxiety among teens. As you see, texting is satisfying bit may cause anxiety later on. Although getting a reply from a loved one brings too much happiness, but delays in response may also lead to disappointments.

Studies show that electromagnetic radiations released by cellphones get absorbed in the tissues when you hold the device for long times. And since the nervous system of young adults is still developing, it has a higher risk of getting brain tumor or cancer from phones than adults.

With the increasing number of users around the world, the cellular technology will surely improve in the years to come. That is why it is important to teach your teenagers and kids about proper usage of mobiles and safety measures. As parents, you should set limitations and boundaries. Although it is perfect to be part of the advancements in technology, but you always use it in moderation.

In the fast growing and globalized world today, it is almost impossible to think your day without cell phones. But you do not notice how much you spend on these devices and what effects their excessive use might bring. Cellular devices play a crucial role in the development of human civilization, but excessive usage may only bring severe problems. Hence, it should not be used too much.

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