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Turn Your Clothes Into Practical Valued Items By Making T Shirt Quilts

By Elizabeth Turner

Collecting a lot of t shirts doesn't have to take a lot of time. When you can't or don't want to wear them anymore but they mean something to you, there's an alternative to getting rid of them. You can turn them into t shirt quilts. The final product is a unique blanket that you can use or keep as a decorative piece. With these projects, you may choose to use only one side or both sides of the shirt. It's possible to arrange the pieces how you want them. If you aren't into sewing, you may decide to find a person who is. There are individuals with a lot of talent in making these products who can turn your garments into a warming treasure.

T shirts are quite common types of clothing. They are excellent for warmer days whether running errands or working in certain types of environments. Because these garments are so popular, it's easy to collect them up. Some people have several of them while other individuals have dozens.

At times these garments may have special value to you. They may have been gifts or items that you have purchased on a holiday. Even if you can't wear them, these objects might not be something to get rid of. However, instead of keeping them around in boxes, there is an alternative.

This alternative is through re-purposing the products. You can make items like quilts out of the shirts. Depending on the size of each shirt and the measurements of the blanket you'd prefer, you may not need a lot of the garments. This number is also based on what parts you use of each shirt. You might decide to use one side or both.

When you utilize the pieces that mean the most, you have the chance to create a unique blanket that also looks great. You can arrange the parts of the clothes in a way that they match in terms of color, theme or otherwise. Once you do this, you can start other parts of the project, such as pinning the pieces together and sewing them.

Of course, these types of projects often require a lot of time and organization. This shouldn't deter you from re-purposing the clothes. Of course, you can always hire someone who makes the quilts for a living. The experts are very skilled and are able to provide you with amazing results.

Since the blanket is being made from your shirts, you will need to supply either the garments or the pieces of them that are to be utilized. You may discuss the design of the final product with the expert including the arrangement of the shirts. There may be other points to talk about too.

If you have a lot of t shirts and you don't want to wear them but you would prefer not to get rid of them, there is another solution. You have the opportunity to have a quilt made from them. The professional takes the parts of the shirts that you want and sews them together in the desired arrangement. Once the work is done, you have a unique blanket that you may use to keep you warm or simply to add to the home as a decorative piece.

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