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Essential Details In Knowing The Worth Of Reclaimed Siding

By Richard Stewart

Materials can be used again from previous projects or buildings for a newer project that you are working on. These reclaimed materials can be altered, refinished or sizes changed but not reprocessed to maintain their original form. Those that in any way have been reprocessed are referred to as recycle materials.

On the other hand, sidings are what you apply to the exterior walls for protecting the house or building from weather effects and an aesthetic addition. The wood from barns can reused for various purposes specially their walls which will then be called reclaimed siding. Here are some important information regarding their value in the market and knowing it.

Know what is the species of the wood is because this is one way to determine the value of your wood. There are those that are inherently valuable because of their rarity or unavailability in the market because of its old age and not being usually used anymore. If it is less than two decades old and commonly available then it is not that valuable.

Their dimensions are important as larger timbers are more valuable than smaller ones. This is because of the many possibilities of use for them such as wider boards being sawed from them specially when they are longer. Beams have more values as well when compared with boards due to their thickness and more uses.

Their condition must be top notch to have the highest price possible and they must not be damaged. Having rotten pockets, large checks and extensive damage from insects will also lower how much its worth. Other things that lowers its value are metal objects such as nails and screws that can be found in it.

Dry woods which were protected properly from natural elements have more value compared to those that have been waterlogged and rotted for years. If you own antique boards and timbers, protect them by placing them indoors and covering them. Placing a stick in between would separate and allow air to circulate.

Having a large number of them would be very helpful specially to those people looking to buy them in bulk if given a chance. This is specially true when they are all of high quality making the possibility of its worth to be more. Their reasons in buying in bulk is that handling and shipping is expensive for these heavy and large products so getting all they need at once is better.

They could be more valuable by having them arranged properly in a way that they can be reached easily. The arrangement will help in reducing their expense in shipping and handling so they have more to pay you. Haphazardly piling them makes it harder for them reach the products and additional time for organizing will be used which reduces their worth.

Ring density is another way to check if they are valuable and being close and almost indistinguishable from others is better. Those that have wider growth rings shows they grow faster and are less valuable. So be sure to know and check these things before you sell your reclaimed wood or before buying one so you will not be cheated on its true value.

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