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Characteristics Of Good Political Comedies

By Deborah Jackson

Many people term politics as a dirty game. This is because people tarnish the name of other people. All this is because they want to convince people that they are the best to be elected. Most people do not behave in a professional manner when it comes to the life of politicians. Political comedies are healthy because it makes people to laugh.

The people who will be conducting such events should be wise. They must choose the right words to use. They should not hurt the feelings of other people. They must always mind what the other person is feeling. A person should never do wrong to a other person if they would not like to be wronged too. It is important to be courteous to other people even if they are your juniors.

An individual should also be well organized in all that they do. This will allow the people to bring out their points to the audience. The audience will understand what they are been asked to do by their leaders. The public should also be very wise when it comes to making decisions. They must make their own decisions without favoring another party. They should consider their joy first and then the rest will follow later. The people must not go for things that will make them to regret later in life.

It may sometimes turn to be a bad platform because people will use it to abusive others. Individuals should not infringe the rights of other people. They should always respect them and see them as important people in the society. There should be unity among people so they can continue to build their nation.

It is also important for people to have the ability to influence other people. This will give them a good opportunity to meet so many important people in their lives. They will interact with them and share very helpful ideas which will assist them to develop their area that they represent.

It may also help to reduce blood pressure. Blood pressure can attack anyone no matter their age. Mostly it is caused by prolonged depression and stress. The heart pumps the blood at a very high speed. It is very dangerous because it can lead to premature deaths to be experienced. Death is not something that a person can celebrate when it occurs. It leaves people depressed.

The jokes can also make the brain to think. This is because the comedians sometimes challenge the audience. Some of the things they say are in their real life situations. The audience must have time to reflect on their life. One should try to make their life better than it was before each day.

The politicians are pleased when they find a huge crowd of people. This is because to them, they think that all those people will vote for them. They have the best opportunity to talk to them and convince them to vote for them. It is difficult to change the way a person is thinking. It is only them that can decide to change their mind.

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