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Heartfelt Veteran Stories College Station TX Soldiers Tell

By Carolyn Barnes

It has been noted that many of the soldiers who served in World War II chose not to speak about the experiences they had and what they felt. These brave men and women returned to their civilian lives and moved forward as best they could. Later generations have chosen a different path. Many are relating the things they saw and did on the battlefield. They are also speaking out about the challenges they continue to face at home. Veteran stories College Station TX soldiers tell will stay with the listeners for a long time.

One such story involves a marine who returned from duty only to find his face paralyzed on one side. He contacted the VA hospital and made an appointment, but his symptoms got worse, and he ended up in the local emergency room. He was diagnosed with Bell's Palsy, but something didn't seem right. In addition to his physical problems, he has continuing issues with the government paying to his medical bills.

An Iraq soldier who has been diagnosed with PTSD, describes months of binge drinking, and drug taking. His first wife learned to recognize the signs that he was about to have an episode and took their children to her parents to keep them safe. He ended up in various destructive relationships and considered suicide. He credits the Veteran's Crisis Line for saving his life.

Another PTSD victim was so traumatized he filed for total disability with Social Security and the VA. He was given disabled status, but not because of his military service. This still makes him angry. He doesn't understand why these government agencies will not admit his physical and mental challenges are a direct result of what happened to him in Baghdad.

The wife of a soldier who served time in Afghanistan has her own horror story to tell. Her husband came back from the Middle East and has been unable to function as a normal human being. She says he cringes when a car he is riding in hits a bump. He has nightmares and can't eat. She has taken him to numerous specialists, and he has been diagnosed with PTSD, but has only been given prescriptions and released.

Not all the experiences are negative. An Iraq veteran has nothing but praise for the VA hospitals he has spent time in. He had his knee replaced in Virginia and went through rehabilitation. He is grateful to the physicians, registered nurses and administrative staff who helped him through the situation.

Feelings of profound guilt are not unusual. One soldier, who was interviewed, is certain he was responsible for the deaths of many civilians, including women and children. He will not return to the United States. He spends his life moving from country to country and finds no comfort or peace in any of them.

There is nothing good about war. Some soldiers survive their experiences and others suffer throughout their lives. For some, sharing helps and heals.

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