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What Makes Moldavite So Special And Sought After?

By Christine Bailey

Meteors crashing to earth are not just the subject of today's science fiction movies. They are all too real occurrences. Most are not significant enough to cause any particular damage. Others have altered the course of history, and one caused the eventual extinction of dinosaurs. Today they can be predicted with some accuracy. This was not true millions of years ago of course, when major meteors made direct contact with the earth. Moldavite is the result of one such event.

What people collect and wear today are not exactly meteor particles. They are the result of fragments embedded in the earth's soil and sand for millions of years. This is natural glass that began as a liquid splash from the meteor impact. As the liquid cooled, it solidified. Over the years its surroundings have etched unique textures in the glass, which is also known as tektite. The glass will have the deepest etchings where the sand and soil contains a lot of moisture.

This substance has a connection to the Holy Grail for some. While many believe the Grail is a cup, others argue that is was actually a green stone that fell from the sky. This tektite is green, and it fell from the sky. Mystical stones falling from the sky are a common theme in stories told throughout the world. The Grail is also believed to have healing powers and powers of rejuvenation.

Some who hold the substance believe it has special powers. They really believe the tingling sensations and warmth they feel are a direct result of contact with the glass. Facial redness and chest sensations are reported from others who hold these objects. The flushing is so common it has its own name among believers. Feeling lightheaded and dizzy is something a few people experience.

People who wear the glass sometimes do so because they believe in the healing powers it reportedly has. It is supposed to have the strength to heal mental, spiritual, and physical deficiencies. During healing sessions, some hold a piece of tektite to increase their sense of well being.

As an investment, the larger the piece of this tektite you own, the more valuable it is. Reportedly it has been so mined that pieces weighing over twenty grams are becoming harder and harder to find. As with many things that are rare, its value will probably increase over the years.

The rarest and most prized glass comes from Besednice in the Czech Republic. Some of the pieces are so thin and delicate, it is hard to believe someone could actually pull them out of clay pits without destroying them. Their intricate etchings are the result of centuries living at the water table. Besednice is no longer mined.

If you want a genuine piece of this extraterrestrial glass, you will have to know what you are looking at. Most of the pieces offered online and in specialty stores are fake. It doesn't really matter to some however. They just like the idea that an ancient meteor fragment may be around their necks or on their fingers.

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