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Political Satire And The Impact It Gives To The Society

By Nancy Perry

Politics, this system is established to lead a group. People who are appointed in this field act as a leader. Their main role is to supervise and support their people. These leaders are given a crucial task by their people because they believed that they have what it takes to complete the job. That is right. They exist mainly because of their own citizen.

This is true, even these days. A long time ago, during those times when people are not free to express themselves, artisan use this method to express what they truly feel. They use these to criticize the government and the society. That is when the Political Satire was born. As a part of this community, you need to be highly aware of what is happening surround you, especially, in the world of politics.

After all, regardless what would happen in this field, whether you like it or not, you are highly involved. The government exists because of you. They are created for your own good. That is true, specifically, for those citizens who live in a democratic nation. However, not all people in the world are given such chance.

That is highly practiced, primarily, in democratic countries. Unfortunately, though, as you have known, not everyone in this world is enjoying that freedom. Even if you cannot do something about it, there is something that you can perform on your own. Consider using these arts in expressing your thoughts.

However, their own desire and ideal prevent them from doing the right thing. Humans are born with complicated in nature. They always yearn for something they do not know. They are never satisfied. That is true, primarily, for those leaders who failed to find the real meaning of their existence. Due to that desire, they become greedy to progress and achievements.

Some of them act like a God. Contrary to that, though, they are not invincible. They are no different from regular people. The only different thing is, they carry greater responsibility than regular citizens. Even so, it does not highly mean that they have the ability to do what they like just because they find it pretty convenient.

Surely, it comes in the form of entertainment. Even so, after you are done laughing, you would understand the hidden message that lies behind it. For those artisans who wants to put a good use of their artistic potential, you could try this field too. You see, if you like to want to know how to communicate to your viewers, you need to hit them with something they can understand.

If you are interested in partaking in this revolution, you could do that too. You are part of this world. Hence, try to care. The world of art is far bigger than you have imagined. You are free to express yourself. There is a freedom of speech. Hence, make sure to take advantage of this chance. Make sure to care.

If anything happens to the world, surely, you would greatly be involved. Politics are far more complicated than you could ever imagine. They could control the market. They are not only there to help. Their failures, political misconduct, and disputes would surely affect you in various ways. Remember that.

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