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Paraffin Removal In Ensuring Well Maintenance

By Ronald Wallace

When pipelines that crude oil passes through are blocked, there is a likelihood that massive losses will be realized because not the required amount will be passing through the lines at a time. Paraffin removal ensure there is a smooth flow all time round. No approach is globally accepted on how to remove it, but different ideas have been put in place with various degrees of success.

Some methods had to be done away with because they were not efficient enough. Professionals are still trying to come up with one process that will be accepted the world over as the primary method of successful cleaning. It has been hard for many because devising a way that will break down the different compositions at various levels has not been easy. Producers have to result to using more than two methods which in itself might be expensive and counter-productive. Some possible ways used and have been there for a long time have been discussed here.

You can mechanically remove the wax deposits by the utilization of a wire-line. This is one of the earliest methods that have been applied for a long time. The advantage of this approach is that while the paraffin is being removed, the production of oil can continue because it does not interfere with the process. This kind of cleaning must be done from time to time so that no other labor intensive methods will need for the same.

The use of high temperatures has been in place for quite some time. It is one of the ways that producers have relied on for quite s extended period. The only thing that has to be guaranteed is that the thermal levels do not drop when the total removal has not taken place. This is because the wax might solidify at a single point making it so for producers to do away with it.

Other companies assume the approach whereby hot water and heat are used at the same time. It becomes hard to manage it this way because any alteration of the temperatures to lower levels will see to it that efficiency is not realized. This is why this method cannot be used alone, and it has to be used alongside some other method like scrubbing.

Depending on the blockage level of pipes, you can decide to use chemical remediation technique and prevention of wax deposition. Chemical solvents can be very, but they have to be used alongside other methods such as mechanical rather than a standalone solution.

Producers can make use of organic materials that will break the paraffin in several compartments for easy removal. As such there will be no solid particles that will form on the walls of the well because the formulae of the oil have been interrupted leading to easy removal.

Each method described above has an environment that suits it. As a producer who has several wells, it is prompt that you carry out research first to know which one is best for you. Their application also varies depending on the level of success attached to each method. When you have all the information, it is when you can decide on which one to use.

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